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  • Great for use when hiking, portaging, and other outdoor adventures when you may need to cut down firewood
  • Essential for any wilderness survival bug-out bag
  • Easily fits inside most hiking and bug-out bags (only 16 1/2-inches long x 1 inch diameter)
  • Preppers love that it weighs less than three quarters of a pound! (Weight: 318 grams / 11.2 ounces)
  • Includes two types of tough 13-inch steel cutting blades
    • Raker teeth blade for cutting green wood
    • Peg teeth blade for cutting dry wood
  • Cuts wood fast and smooth
  • Goes from travel size to a fully functional saw in seconds
  • Buck saw design allows you to use this by two people for tougher cutting jobs
  • Designed to cut through logs up to 10.2-inches thick in diameter
  • Nylon carrying case included
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