Smith Army Surplus (SAS) - Since 1990

Quality brand names in outdoor and camping gear, backpacks, knives. pellet guns and multi-tools, policing and security equipment, military and tactical wear, and vintage leather and clothing.

At SAS, we proudly carry official Canadian military surplus clothing and gear from around the world.  Our customers love our genuine military surplus.

We at Smith Army Surplus continue to expand our military, police and tactical lines of clothing, equipment and footwear and can supply professional government agencies to meet their requirements.

On top of all that, we also have seasonable clothing for ladies and men including footwear, jackets, raingear, hats, gloves and more.

You never know what you might find at SAS.  It is truly a store to explore.


Our  Enthusiastic Staff

Our small sales staff is focused on customer service and is well versed in all aspects of military gear and your outdoor adventure needs. In addition, we're committed to maintaining a fair price point.  We want each of our customers to leave with the feeling that they found exactly what they needed.


About us

Smith Army Surplus is a locally owned business in beautiful downtown Kingston, Ontario. Our motto has always been to offer clean, fairly priced and quality military surplus to our customers. We pride ourselves in sourcing and supplying our customers  the product they need . We are more than just Surplus and one of our favorite slogans is at SAS we are Practical to Tactical.  Owner James Smith believes in community support and has donated to many charities and sponsored numerous sports teams in Kingston.  We love our downtown and want you to come and enjoy everything it has to offer.