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Perfect for the summer, these lightweight ankle socks are sold as a three-pack and come in various colours for both Men & Women. Invisible toe seam reduces irritation at the toes, while Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and moisture-wicking, reducing foot odour and blisters. In addition, the breathable, lightweight construction makes it feel almost like you are not wearing anything!

Why we use Rayon from bamboo in our socks:
Rayon from bamboo is a semi-synthetic fibre made from bamboo pulp. It is popular due to its soft texture, which is similar to silk. It is also an elastic fibre which gives a snug fit to your foot. Finally, it's moisture-wicking properties keep your foot dry and odour-free helping to prevent blisters.  

Sizes available:

Medium (Women's 5-9 Shoe/Men's 4-8 Shoe)

Large (Men's 8-12 Shoe / Women's 9-13 Shoe)

X-Large (Men's 13-15 Shoe)

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