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Army Modular Sleep System Stuff SackThe Stuff Sack that Won't Rip or Break on  we've all been there. Halfway into the adventure your stuff sack breaks making packing out a nightmare. That won't happen with this stuff sack. This is part of the Military Issue Modular Sleep System 4-Piece Set. The nylon 9-Strap stuff sack holds the full MOLLE II Sleep System. Made from water resistant, black nylon the sack has a flap and draw cord closure on top to keep your sleeping bags dry and clean. The pull straps going around the cylindrical sack as well as from top-to-bottom pull tight to compress the sack to a manageable size. When empty, it weighs next to nothing, and collapses to take up no space.Genuine US Military Modular Sleep System Stuff Sack, Black, Compression Sack

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